Talking about the maintenance method of wire bending machine

2024-01-02 00:00

The line bending machine is mainly used for pipeline paving and construction of construction, decoration and other levels, with many functions, reasonable configuration, simple practical operation and other advantages.  Can also be used as hydraulic jack hydraulic cylinder, easy to use characteristics, in the domestic bending machine market occupies the leading product position.  So what are the maintenance methods of the bending machine?  Let's get to know the line bending machine together:  

1, check around the work site, eliminate all the dirty things that prevent work and traffic.  There should be no grease tains on the road to prevent falls.  Product workpiece accumulation should be neat and firm to prevent the collapse of injury.

2. Check whether the safety device on the bending machine is intact or not. If the line bending machine is not installed, the line bending machine is forbidden to drive.  The medium frequency pipe bender should have excellent grounding device and insulating layer of electrical equipment, and the working voltage should be stable.

3. Check the wetting position of the bending machine, and fill up the oil when the oil is less and the diaphragm vacuum pump is less.  

4, in the empty car test run, check the mechanical equipment is not all normal operation, electrical switch is smart and powerful.  Don't start work until everything is all right.  

5. When two people work at the same time, they should cooperate closely and coordinate.  Specified professional personnel should actually operate the power switch.  Do not talk and laugh with others during actual operation to prevent wrong operation.  

6. When the machine is in operation, the operator shall not leave the machine.  

7. When the bending machine is working, some people are prohibited around the pipe radian travel arrangement category, and safety protection warning signs are set up.  When prying the pipe to sit firmly, to avoid being pry bar run off injured.  The actual operating staff had to stand on either side.  

8, correct the pipe should pay attention to the safety around, use the hammer head to penetrate into the water first;  A few minutes to avoid shank injury.  Do not wear gloves when tapping pipes.  

9. When bending and correcting the pipe, the face should be wound around the spending pipe to avoid injury caused by hot sand spray when the pipe is vibrating.  When filling yellow sand cement, the pipe should be hung up to avoid chaos.  There should be no oil stains in the pipe, and dry yellow sand cement should be used.  

10. When strapping the pipe to put the feeding rack and unstrapping the galvanized iron wire, the line bending machine is necessary to block the mat firmly to avoid the injury of rolling and sliding.  Pipes should pay attention to passers-by to avoid hurting people.  

11, the use of gas to open the door of the stove, scrape away the accumulated gas and then light.  

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