Wire molding machine work instability, how to do?

Most of the time, our wire forming machine technical engineers in debugging products, often one step difference, will lead to the equipment produced by the product is not stable, and the accuracy can not meet the requirements. At this time, the adjustment machine master needs to calm down, find the reason and solve the problem. What are the main reasons for the unstable production of the products produced by the wire forming machine, or the failure of the product accuracy to meet the requirements? 1. Wire problem, check whether the size of wire conforms to the size of the tool; 2, tool production problems, check the accuracy and quality of the tool; 3. The wire wheel is not leveled; 4. The height of the corner folding knife is not adjusted in place; 5. The folding core of wire forming machine is not installed well. In addition, as the domestic labor costs continue to rise, the traditional manual bending of many steel wire work, labor input has been overwhelmed. Especially in the automotive parts and other industries, the precision of the line forming products is high and the demand is large. Therefore, the wire forming machine has become a general model to be accepted by the public. With the increasing demand for metal wire products in the market, the precision requirements are getting higher and higher. Professionals to optimize the cam-free spring machine, evolved into a professional production line molding products of equipment, that is, wire molding machine, in order to meet the market demand.


How to improve the accuracy of wire molding machine?

Simple speaking, is the coil wire, iron wire, through the line frame, to the machine, after straightening institutions straightening machine, wire feeding, to reach the machine processing zone, controlled by computer servo motor drive, Angle Angle and the line or just turn Angle turns into three-dimensional shape, then cut off, forming a product under again. The precision of the line, the Angle of the line and the head, determines the stability of the product, the strength of the line, the strength of the Angle folding device, the strength of the cutter determines the size of the diameter of the forming line, the speed of the line and the related forming servo determines the efficiency of production. Wire forming machine, also known as wire forming machine, wire bending machine, or steel wire bending machine, steel wire forming machine, is used for steel wire or wire bending molding, become the shape of a kind of equipment people need. 1, wire forming machine can steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire and other wire bending into a plane or three-dimensional shape, can produce a wide range of wire diameter, generally can do 3-14mm wire bending molding products. And the spring machine is mainly used in all kinds of spring processing and production, less equipment can do more than 8mm large line diameter products, but can achieve more complex processing and molding. 2, the spring machine can do line forming, but the line forming machine can not do spring, many line forming products, mainly straightening, folding Angle, cut off, need is speed and stability, and special wire forming machine than the spring function better to meet the requirements of speed and stability, can better meet the production needs of batch line forming. 3, line forming machine only focus on line forming this area, can reduce the error parameters to ±0.1mm between, and is used in all kinds of high precision parts field, but compared with the spring machine has more price advantage.


The function of different structure of wire forming machine

Wire forming machine is issued in recent years committed to the wire bending molding production and processing of automated machinery, wire forming machine can complete the high efficiency, high precision wire bending processing forming, its mainly depend on the feeding structure, straightening, bending forming structure, cut off the four base structure, the effect of different structure for different: Body part: The main body of wire forming machine is composed of base, body support, straightening mechanism, wire feed structure, reducing structure, pitch control structure and cutting structure and working panel, which can realize automatic wire feed, straightening, bending, cutting and other wire processing procedures. Electrical part: The electrical part of wire forming machine is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment. It is mainly composed of controller, operating system, power supply components, memory, bus, switch, data input/output interface, transformer, frequency converter, servo motor and driver, etc. The controller and operating system are the "brain" of the automatic wire forming machine, and the servo motor and driver are the "nervous system" of the machine. These parts have a great influence on the operation stability of the wire forming machine. Transmission device: It is mainly composed of closed gear transmission and lubrication part of wire forming machine, and the transmission mechanism includes servo motor, gear, bearing, ball screw or belt, etc., which is related to the normal transmission operation of the equipment. Auxiliary device: It mainly includes the sliding seat, guide rail, bearing, tool seat, tool rest, tooling mold, tools and wire feed frame, etc., which belong to the accessories setting of wire forming machine. The quality of these accessories has a great impact on the processing accuracy and operation efficiency of wire forming machine.


Why do automatic hanger machines break down?

Automatic hanger machine normal use, suddenly abnormal, do not know what happened, only to understand what is the reason for the failure of hanger machine, can be symptomatic treatment, appropriate treatment of this problem, then what is the cause of the failure of automatic hanger machine? Let's get to know it together: 1. Firstly, the fault of the power supply circuit of the main motor of the automatic hanger was investigated. For example, release the emergency termination button, cable loosening, 24V control power supply, etc. 2, the main motor operation part of the failure of the relevant components, such as thermal repeater, breaker, DC contactor and other over-voltage protection or damage. 3. Another problem is the power supply. After understanding the cause of the failure of the automatic hanger machine, then how to solve this failure? Let's get to know it together: 1. Check whether the power supply circuit of the main motor of the automatic hanger machine has changed to not be released, the wiring is loose, and the 24V control power supply. 2. Check whether some parts of the main motor running power circuit have overvoltage protection. If it is necessary to analyze the reasons, check whether the parts are damaged. 3. Check whether the power supply of the three boxes is normal.

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