CNC wire bending machine

1, Adopt new motion control system, fully realize man-machine dialogue,
2, simple operation and debugging, equipped with excellent butt-welding equipment, to achieve the integration of forming and welding, wire molding host than the previous PLC control system simple operation, high accuracy, large information storage capacity,
3, the host and medium frequency butt-welding equipment perfect combination, truly achieve automatic molding,
4. The transmission device adopts high precision and imported accessories, and is driven by multiple servo motors. Both the inner and outer molds can be rotated, which greatly improves the flexibility and diversity of bending, and greatly improves the accuracy of wire feeding and bending.

  • SCN
  • Guangdong,China
  • 14 days
  • 10 sets per month
  • Information

The composition of CNC bending machine

1. The slider

Slider part: hydraulic transmission, slider part is composed of slider, cylinder and mechanical stopper fine tuning structure. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slider up and down through hydraulic pressure. The mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the numerical control system.

2. The workbench

Worktable part: operated by the button box, so that the motor drive the block frame move before and after, and the distance of movement controlled by the numerical control system, the minimum reading is 0.01 mm (before and after the position have travel switch limit).

3. Synchronization system

Synchronous system: different from the ordinary bending machine, this machine uses servo valve and hydraulic devices such as grating ruler to form a closed loop, so as to accurately control the various actions of the bending machine.

4. Blocking mechanism

Pending mechanism: the material is driven by motor, and the two screw rods move synchronously through chain operation. The size of the material is controlled by numerical control system.

CNC wire bending machine

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