All-round roll forming machine solution: efficient customization of shelf layers

In order to meet the growing demand for efficient, flexible and strong steel structures in modern warehousing, retail and construction industries, we have carefully created this all-round cold roll forming machine solution. This solution integrates advanced cold roll forming technology, intelligent control system and flexible mold replacement system, which can accurately and efficiently produce diversified products such as shelf columns, beams, shelves, hooking boards, compact shelving components and ceiling suspension systems.

Core advantages:

Highly customized: Equipped with a diverse mold library, it can quickly adapt to the processing needs of different sizes, shapes and materials, from standard shelf components to specially designed architectural decorative parts.

Efficient production: The use of high-speed cold roll forming technology, combined with automated feeding, forming, cutting and collection systems, greatly improves production efficiency and shortens delivery cycles.

Excellent quality: Strict quality control processes ensure that each product meets high precision and high strength standards, is durable and meets industry safety standards.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The use of advanced energy-saving motors and optimized production processes reduces energy consumption and reduces waste emissions during the production process, in line with the concept of green production.

Intelligent operation: integrated intelligent control system, supports remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and automatic adjustment of parameters, reduces the difficulty of operation and improves production stability.

Application areas:

Warehousing and logistics: customized shelf systems, including heavy-duty shelves, medium-duty shelves, loft-type shelves, etc., to improve warehousing efficiency and safety.

Retail display: production of various display racks, shelves and hooking boards, optimize product display and enhance shopping experience.

Office furniture: production of office furniture components such as compact shelves and filing cabinets to meet the needs of efficient utilization of modern office space.

Architectural decoration: customized ceiling suspension systems, decorative lines, etc., add beauty and practicality to architectural space.


The all-round cold roll forming machine solution provides a one-stop solution for the manufacture of steel structures such as shelves, shelves, hooking boards, compact shelves and ceilings with its high customization capabilities, high production efficiency, excellent product quality and intelligent operation experience, helping customers in various industries to achieve production upgrades and cost optimization.

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