Double Head Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine

Before starting the machine, check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, and never start the machine if there is air leakage.

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We are proud to introduce our advanced and efficient tube processing equipment, the full-automatic double head hydraulic tube bending machine. This machine has emerged as a leader in the tube bending industry, thanks to its unique design and exceptional performance.

Firstly, the "Double Head Hydraulic" feature is a cornerstone of this product's innovation. The machine allows for simultaneous and precise bending of two headers, significantly boosting productivity while reducing both time and cost, making the Double Head Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine particularly suitable for high-volume continuous production scenarios. Both bending heads are equipped with sophisticated hydraulic systems that ensure accurate bending angles and stable, consistent performance throughout the bending process.

Secondly, as a fully automatic bending machine, the double head hydraulic tube bending machine integrates an intelligent control system enabling unmanned operation from feeding, positioning, bending to discharging. With pre-set parameters, the machine can autonomously execute a series of complex bending procedures, substantially minimizing human error and enhancing product quality and precision.

Furthermore, catering to diverse customer requirements, we also offer a semi-automatic version of the hydraulic tube bending machine. Although less automated than its full-auto counterpart, the semi-automatic model maintains high precision and flexibility, tailored for applications where specific production pacing and processes are required.

Lastly, whether in fully or semi-automatic models, this series of hydraulic tube bending machines boasts a broad application scope and strong adaptability. They are capable of handling various metal tubes, such as stainless steel, iron pipes, copper tubes, etc., and can accommodate complex shapes and specifications with ease, truly embodying versatility in one machine – a genuine automatic tube processing solution.

In summary, our Full-Automatic/Semi-Automatic Double Head Hydraulic Tube Bending Machines, with their superior performance, high level of automation, and extensive applicability, will empower your enterprise to enhance productivity, lower operating costs, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market. Whether you're a large-scale manufacturing entity pursuing efficiency or a smaller business seeking flexible and precise fabrication solutions, these machines represent the ideal choice for your needs.

Double Head Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine

1) Adopt the latest special chip for high-speed motor control to ensure quick response of vector control;

2) Modular design of hardware circuit to ensure stable and efficient operation of circuit;

3) The appearance design combines European automobile design concept, smooth lines and beautiful appearance;

4) The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be freely disassembled, and the heat dissipation is good;

5) No PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can be selected;

6) Powerful input and output multifunctional programmable terminal, adjustable pulse input, two analog output;

7) Unique "excavator" adaptive control characteristics automatically limit the upper limit of motor torque during operation and effectively restrain frequent tripping over current;

8) Wide voltage input, output voltage automatic voltage stabilization (AVR), instantaneous power down without shutdown, stronger adaptability;

9) Built-in advanced PID algorithm, quick response, strong adaptability, simple debugging; 16 stage speed control, simple PLC to achieve timing, fixed speed, directional and other multifunctional logic control, a variety of flexible control methods to meet the requirements of different complex conditions

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