5 Axis 3D Fully Auto CNC Steel Metal Round Bar Wire Bending Forming Machine

Mainly used for I-beam, miner's steel, U-shaped steel, C-shaped steel, Angle steel, channel steel, track, square steel, steel pipe and other sections of the arch coil, diameter, fixed Angle bending. using
Digital display encoder programming, so that the hydraulic control system positioning accurate, the bending steel automatic forming, high efficiency, easy to operate. Widely used in tunnel, subway.

  • SCN
  • Guangdong,China
  • 5 days
  • 40 sets per month
  • Information

The 5-axis Bending Machine is a revolutionary tool that revolutionizes the bending process. This advanced machine combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly operation, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

The 5-axis Bending Machine offers exceptional flexibility and accuracy, thanks to its unique 5-axis machining capability. This advanced functionality allows for seamless and efficient processing of even the most complex bending projects. Whether you’re working with intricate shapes, large bending components, or a combination of both, the 5-axis Bending Machine delivers superior quality every time.

Powered by advanced CNC technology, the 5-axis Bending Machine offers unmatched precision and control over the bending process. The machine’s computerized system precisely guides the bending tools, ensuring consistent and accurate results. This level of precision and control offers operators the ability to create highly intricate and precise bending operations that would be difficult or even impossible with traditional bending machines.

In terms of automation, the 5-axis Bending Machine offers both Full Automatic and Semi Automatic bending modes. The Full Automatic mode allows for fully automated bending operations, reducing the need for manual intervention. This mode is ideal for high-volume production or repeat bending jobs, as the 5 axis bending machine significantly increases productivity and consistency. The Semi Automatic mode provides more control, offering operators the flexibility to manually guide the bending process when needed. This mode is perfect for those who require more precision or for unique or one-off bending projects.

The 5-axis Bending Machine’s advanced design ensures smooth and precise bending operations. The machine features high-quality components and advanced machining technologies, ensuring accurate and reliable performance. The 5 axis bending machine also includes a user-friendly interface that makes operation simple and intuitive, reducing the learning curve and allowing operators to get up and running quickly.

The 5-axis Bending Machine is designed for durability and longevity, making it a sound investment for any workshop or production line. Constructed from high-quality materials, the 5 axis bending machine can withstand the demands of professional use, ensuring years of dependable service. Regular maintenance and care will further extend its lifespan and keep the 5 axis bending machine in top working condition.

Hydraulic drive, with smooth transmission, high pressure, accurate positioning, high processing accuracy, processing speed greatly improved and other characteristics, mechanical type of the original liquid

The pressure system is changed into a mechanical jack system. In order to facilitate transportation and handling under complex working conditions, the volume and weight are also adjusted. The whole machine is compact and flexible

In conclusion, the 5-axis Bending Machine is the ultimate solution for those looking to achieve superior bending results with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Its advanced technology, user-friendly operation, and exceptional capabilities make the 5 axis bending machine a must-have addition to any professional workshop or production line.

5 axis bending machine

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